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Children make largest paper peace dove and break world record

It was the fourth “Olympic Education Day” for students around Greece and 45,000 schoolchildren in the “Kallimarmaron”, the old Olympic Stadium were part of an original idea, worthy of a world record. They decided to construct the biggest paper peace dove and beat the Guinness World record.

It all took place on Friday at the site of the first modern Olympics. The students made 280,000 paper boats which, put together, created a huge paper dove covering an area of 3000 square meters. The event was organized by the Education ministry and the National Olympic Academy.

The 45,000 participants in the event were students from kindergartens, elementary and high schools from around the country who were taught the Olympic values of participation. “The children gave a strong message to the peoples of the earth that Greece, having borne the Olympic values, knows how to breed and disseminate them”, said president of the National Olympic Academy, Isidoros Kouvelos.

Present in the paper dove assembly were members of the Guinness World Records committee who were inspecting the enterprise, video recording the assembly. The previous world record for a paper dove construction was held by Tokyo and was assembled by 16,000 paper boats.