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Tough dogfights in the Aegean

Greek and Turkish fighters held tough mock dogfights over the northern and central Aegean, something that hadn't taken place since 2012.

Four armed F-16s from Balikesir Turkish Air Force base violating Greek territorial airspace north-northeast of Samothrace and locked horns with four Greek F-16s sent to intercept them, from combat readiness stations at Skyros and Lemnos.

The dogfight became so intense and lengthy that the Hellenic Air Force Tactical Command ordered the dispatch of more aircraft, but by that time the Turks broke off and headed home.

The four Turkish F-16s were all armed, a very rare occurrence, and entered the Aegean in the area of Zourafa heading first north of Lemnos and then turning west towards the south coast of Lemnos. They then circled Lesvos pursued by the Greek jets, and left.

The first dogfight took place north of Samothrace, and the second W-SW of Lemnos. In all there were three violations of and 3 infringements of Greek airspace. At the same time a Turkish helicopter in the area was going about its own business.