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Fire fighting airplane accident

A Hellenic Air Force CL-415GR amphibious fire-fighting aircraft was involved in an accident today, thankfully without loss to life.

More specifically, the aircraft crew was engaged in exercises ahead of the summer fire season, when at 13.30, in the area of Aggelochori, near Nea Michaniona, Thessaloniki prefecture, while attempting a landing on the water, the seaplane overturned.

The two crew members managed to escape and were rescued by Danish flagged “Thies Maersk.” The two were taken to 424 Thessaloniki military hospital. It seems however, that one of the pilots broke his leg.

The Air Force have begun inquiries into the accident. The aircraft, belonging to 383 Special operations and fire fighting squadron (383 MEEA), is still afloat and is expected to be salvaged and tested to see if it can be brought up to flight worthiness.