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High Voter Abstention

The participation of citizens in this electoral round was rather low.
Maybe people did not have the money to travel to their hometowns to vote, or rather they were not interested in participating in the electoral process.

Whatever the reason, participation was again low in many parts of the country. Given the fact that a lot of money is spent each time elections take place, especially local elections, this outcome should worry parties and local governors.

More specific, the percentages of participants in relation with those enrolled show that in Crete four out of five citizens participated in elections, noting the highest score in all of Greece, while in the Northern Aegean islands, more than half of citizens abstained from voting.

Even in Attica, one in three citizens chose not to vote!

Abstention results are as follows:

Crete: 21.7%

Sterea Ellada (Mainland): 25.5%

Thessaly: 28.9%

South Aegean Islands: 31.1%

Northern Aegean Islands: 52.7%

Western Greece: 31.8%

Macedonia: 32.2%

Attica: 33.3 %

Eastern Macedonia-Thrace: 35.6%

Epirus: 37.2%

Peloponnese: 41%

Ionian Islands: 45.9%