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Minority Parties' Future

"Elia" Party came fourth. Venizelos announced he will hold a founding congress in October.


PASOK party leader Evangelos Venizelos announced three initiatives in a statement made after Sunday's elections.

Elia Party received fourth place in Euroelections, with 8.04 percent and two seats in the European Parliament, after Golden Dawn party which received 9.40 percent of votes and three seats in the European Parliament.

The first concerns the government and he will call for an updating of the program agreement between the two coalition partners.

The second the president of the Republic, from whom he will request initiatives for national rallying, beyond the government.

The third concerns PASOK and the democratic lineup. He said he would take the initiative to hold a party founding congress in October, as the lineup's rallying is an imperative necessity and reiterating that door is open for all for talks.

Venizelos also stressed that the mistaken exit-polls of the first round of elections last Sunday, functioned beneficially for democracy and transparency and "the people realised that some wanted (to see) PASOK as a victim".

He further said that from the combined result of the Euroelections and the local administration elections it clearly appears that "the extortionate dilemma of (main opposition leader Alexis)Tsipras was rejected", and that "SYRIZA did not obtain a momentum and all its rhetoric left the majority of citizens indifferent".

Lastly, Venizelos said that society sent messages that are understandable and that the effort for their resolving will be continued. "We are lifting the head out of the water now", he said "for injustices to be remedied and the lost ground to be gained".

To “Potami” in its 88 days of life, received great support from people.

The outcome of 6.6% Potami got in elections is "a political feat," especially given the 88-day life of the movement, its head, journalist Stavros Theodorakis said on Sunday.

In a country where "the old political system has deep roots in society, and not always healthy ones," Theodorakis said, "Potami managed in 88 days to get 6.6% of the votes of the Greek people without money, without protectors, and without populist pronouncements."

Theodorakis said that it "got help from plain people only for our principles - we didn't want anything, and we didn't have anything to promise them" but the only thing the movement promised was "that in this country we must change everything, without however tearing the country apart; we shall persist."

The movement's party also was to push old politicians into retirement, in order to allow other, more creative, citizens to take over. Referring to the main opposition, he said, "In the last elections, SYRIZA got less than 5% and now claims the government. Potami got 6.6% and in the near future will claim the responsibilities that a new rising political power must claim."

KKE leader Koutsoubas doesn't see Greece's political scene overturned

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) leader Dimitris Koutsoubas commented late on Sunday, that the party fared rather well in the European Parliament and local administration elections, "achieving a small step" forward.

KKE won 6.08 percent in the Euro elections ballots, which corresponds to two seats at the European Parliament, while also clearly won local mayoral elections at Patras, Petroupoli and Chaidari populous municipalities, with the possibility of a further victory at the Ikaria island.

Koutsoubas noted, that in KKE's opinion, the results of the triple - municipal, regional and European Parliament - Sunday elections do not constitute an overturn of the anti-popular political balance and do not benefit the people. SYRIZA's dominance in the Euro elections reinforces the trend of substitution of "bankrupt PASOK" by SYRIZA, in the "rearrangement course" of the bourgeois political scene which began in June 2012.

Newcomer 'Potami' party's success to win over 6.60 percent of the Euro elections ballots - and two European MP seats - was achieved to the detriment of Democratic Left (DIMAR) party's resonance with the electorate, according to KKE's leader, who called for the "overthrow of the power of monopolies".

Independent Greeks leader says 'outcome of election a result of unprecedented war against us'

Independent Greeks (ANEL) party leader Panos Kammenos said in a statement after Sunday's elections that he was not happy with the results, but that "unprecedented war" had been declared against the party. ANEL received 3.43 percent and one seat in the European Parliament.

The result of the Euroelections, he said, were significant in that the party elected its first MEP, and added that the battle for a Europe of member-states will be waged at the European Parliament.

"The Independent Greeks, the 42 candidates of the European antimemorandum front, the 42 candidate Eurodeputies who with their soul as the only means, toured all of Greece, succeeded in Independent Greeks electing for the first time our representative at the European Parliament," Kammenos said.

He further said, "The percentages we received do not satisfy us. It is characteristic, however, that the war waged on us was unprecedented. We got 52,000 euros of the 7 million officially allocated to parties for their campaigns. We were excluded from almost all mass media...Despite that we fought an honest fight, a tough fight, and we made it."

He also said that "it is time now for a big political conference that will begin its consultations immediately".

DEMAR suffers electoral defeat, heads to extraordinary congress

DEMAR suffered an outright negative result in Sunday's European Parliament elections, according to a statement by the party's leader Fotis Kouvelis.

The party's electoral defeat is such, that it is now calling an immediate, extraordinary congress of its members in order to discuss its next steps.

"Democratic Left is a deeply democratic party. Through the full extent of its official procedures, we will discuss the message of the elections and the reasons behind the results", said Kouvelis late on Sunday, thanking everyone who worked for the elections at the side of the party and all supporters who voted for it.