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Bear & Cub Climb Pindos

The very cute climb of a brown bear and her cub on the impressive limestone outcroppings of Zagori was captured on camera by a German tourist.


The video was given to the Pindos National Park, at Aspangeloi in Ioannina prefecture, by the German tourist who also had a briefing by scientists working at the Park. For confidential reasons, the exact location of this footage is prohibited.

Pindos National Park is located in the north-west sites of Greece and lie between the borders of Ioannina and Grevena prefectures. With an area of nearly two thousand square kilometers (1.969.741.000 sq.m.), it is the largest and most important National Park on the Greek mainland. It geographically unifies the pre-existing National Woodland Parks of Pindos (Valia Kalda) and Vikos-Aoos, with their in-between geographical region.

In total, eleven regions of the EU wide network of nature protection areas "NATURA 2000", are included in Pindos National Park, where many rare species of flora and fauna are strictly protected from national, European and global legislation. One of these rare animals that are found in our National Park is the common brown bear (Ursus arctos).