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Satanist ritually slays homeless woman

A homeless woman, aged 40, who was found dead on the day of Easter Sunday in Glyfada is the victim of Satanists, reminiscent of the Pallini “Satanists Covenant”.


According to reports, the perpetrator is a 21 year old youth who has confessed that he murdered the unfortunate woman, as a human sacrifice to Satan, so he could “come closer to him.”
He even confessed that he intended to make another sacrifice to Lucifer, on 21 June, the day of the summer solstice. The unemployed young man is a resident of Glyfada.
The young man smashed the woman's head with a stone “sacrificing” her to Satan.
The victim was homeless for the past 15 years and was chosen at random
by the perpetrator for the killing. The police officers who dealt with the case, however, believe that he had identified the woman after stalking her at length and after noting she was alone, he killed her while she was asleep.
MO is reminiscent of the murder of Garyfallia Giourga committed by the so-called “Pallini satanists.”At the time the perpetrators had approached their victim after her shift ended at the hotel where she worked, at Ampelokipoi, Athens and after offering her a ride in their car, theydrove to the foot of Mount Hymettus, where they smashed her head with a stone.
As it became known
by police, he slashed his arm with a broken bottle, and with his own blood drew the number 666 and an inverted cross, on an adjacent bench.
Police investigations, from the first moment, turned to people who frequented the area to locate the perpetrator, having established that the blood belonged to the unfortunate victim.
Police officers who dealt with the case and questioned the perpetrator about the horrible crime, speak of a psychopathic personality, ever since childhood, as relatives mentioned, seekingthe occult and exhibiting very strange behavior.
Relatives were shocked, though by the heinous act, which they thought he would not be capable of, despite the fact that he occasionally spoke of strange things like Satan and human sacrifice.
Fortunately he was arrested before, as was revealed he had planned another human sacrificefor 21 June during the summer solstice and again with a randomly chosen victim.