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Samaras Addresses European Conference, Portugal

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During the "Strategy for Growth and Jobs 2014-2019" held in Portugal yesterday, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras discussed tax reductions by European economies to promote competitiveness, along with other major issues.

Samaras addressed the European People's Party and stated: "Democracies cannot survive by constantly and forever suppressing wages", as reported by ANA-MPA. He further discussed his confidence in Greece and that it will beat its economic turmoil. He commented on the nation's: "unbelievable progress".

The Prime Minister discussed labor costs, "It is true that labour cost must be kept in line with labour productivity. But this means constantly increasing productivity and not always suppressing wages". He said that fiscal balances need to be solid via appropriate European cost-sharing and long-term growth, along with tax reductions. Samaras further commented on a needed energy cost decrease and that the continent has to source its own reserves.

Samaras addressed the challenge of undocumented immigrants, "When thousands of illegal migrants cross the borders of a member-state on our union's external boundaries, we must remember that they do not cross a national border. They cross European borders".

(Source: http://www.amna.gr/english/articleview.php?id=6296)