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Greece Arrests Six New Heroin Traffickers

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Six more heroin drug traffickers associated with Greece's largest drug bust ever, face a Piraeus prosecutor today.

On Saturday, law enforcers found an additional 986 kilos and 600 grams of the drug in a Filothei mansion and Koropi warehouse. Aproximately one ton of heroin was already confiscated last week. The new six criminals originate from India and are crew members of the Noor One Togo-flagged vessel, that illegally transferred the narcotics into Greece.

A total of 15 felons remain in custody. Each are being charged with criminal organization affiliation, drug trafficking and drug possession. According to ANA-MPA, Shipping & Aegean Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis stated that the drug investigation is now searching for more thugs involved abroad and in Greece.  A large portion of the seized heroin was planned from distribution throughout Europe. International law bureaus are collaborating with Greece in it's biggest drug crime to date.