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Turkish Newspaper Slams Zaroulia

A second Eva Braun is the characterization given to Golden Dawn deputy Eleni Zaroulia, wife of party chief Nikos Mihaloliakos, by Turkish daily Hurriyet.

In an article, the Turkish newspaper notes that Ms Zaroulia is called "Sgt Shulz" and stresses that, "the first act after the arrest of her husband was to spit on a journalist and hit him with her handbag."

Hurriyet also notes that she has a great appeal among female party supporters who look on her as a goddess.

The newspaper also reports on her past, noting that, "from a very young age, Ms Zaroulia had participated in extreme right and junta organizations. In 1987 she was one of the first Golden Dawn members. Golden Dawn at that time was a terrorist organization whose activities were limited to animosity against Turkey.it was then that she met and married Nikos Mihaloliakos."