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Pappas Moves to Prison

The cycle of Golden Dawn pre-trial incarcerations continues with deputy Chistos Pappas being taken to Korydallos prison.

Christos Pappas maintained that colluding politicians from all parties are attempting to strike at Golden Dawn, and when his party comes to power it will lead them to justice.

He also maintained that he knew nothing about the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, something in tune with leaderNikos Mihaloliakos' deposition in which he maintained he was asleep at the time.

At this point almost all of those that had warrants issued against them in connection with Golden Dawn are in the hands of authorities.

The last to turn himself in is a retired officer of the armed forces who is seen as playing an organizing role in the Fyssas murder and conversations between him and murderer Roupakias have been registered before and after the murder.

Inquisitions continue at courts today with the depositions of Roupakias' wife and mother in law.

Themis Skordeli will also face the judge today.