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Golden Dawn Leader Makes a “Non-Apologetic” Apology

Translation By Lisa Darilis

The Secretary General of the Golden Dawn Party, Nikos Michaloliakos gave a "non-apologetic" apology, which in essence is a political statement on the accusations made against him in relation to his alleged telephone conversations made before and after the murder of antifascist musical hip hop artist, Paulos Fissas.

In this statement, Mr. Michaloliakos, in referencing to his telephone conversations with parliamentary member, Yannis Lagos, about 40 minutes following the murder of Fissas, states "It had to do with my transfer the next day." This refers to Mr. Lagos' involvement with the police commissioner officially in charge of Michaloliakos' being moved.

In response to the accusations by Nikaias Yiorgos Patelis, the chief of the local authorities, on the thirteen telephone calls made the same night of the murder from a number suspected of belonging to him, Michaloliakos replied that these alleged calls were made from Golden Dawn's headquarters at Mesogeion Street, and that he was not present at the office at that specific times those calls were made. He also said that the numbers in question are not his personal numbers. "These telephone numbers may be under my name, but in reality, they began operating after my departure from these Golden Dawn central offices, because as member of the parliament, I was entitled to seven complimentary phone lines." stated Michaloliakos.

In terms of the accusations made against him on being a part of the actual murder of Paulos Fissas, Michaloliakos said that he was unaware of the murder until the next day, when he was informed about it in the afternoon hours.

Michaloliakos then goes on to address the accusations that the Golden Dawn Party is using German Nazi Party ideology. His statement was as follows "The Golden Dawn Party has no relation to the German National Socialism Party (or the Nazi Party) of the World War 2 era, and it expresses a genuine nationalistic movement." As for the inquiries made on his former magazine publications which were accused of echoing Nazi ideology, Michaloliakos replied that its views were from 35 years ago, and that he no longer upholds them. As for the alleged constitutional Golden Dawn Party charter that mentions the "Fuhrerprinzip," the party's principle leader in the same fashion as a fascist leader, Michaloliakos asserts that there is absolutely no connection to this and suggests that there was a forgery in this part of the document. He stressed that The Golden Dawn Party is a party that uses "democratic rhetoric."

In response to the accusations of the party using force against immigrants or foreigners Michaloliakos rebuts in saying "I condemn all these actions," adding that The Golden Dawn Party strictly observes the law in all ways.

On the topic of how the Golden Dawn Party is financed, Michaloliakos stated that "the basic "well," or resources of the party come from the country's sponsorship.

Finally, in addressing the accusations that the Golden Dawn Party is training military combat battalions to cause chaos in Greece, Michaloliakos calls these rumors outright slander. He asserts that The Golden Dawn Party does not have military batallions, and as for previous statements made by him, such as "We're going to get out into the streets and then we'll see how many pears the sack has," it was a call to lawfully unite and assemble in protest at the Syntagma, or Constitutional Square.