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Greek consumer spending on vacations is decreasing every year

The majority of Greeks choose their holiday homes - if they have one -, being hosted by friends or relatives - if they have a property in... privileged locations - or rooms for rent in order to be able to go on vacation this year. Few and in a single digit percentage are those who stay in hotels, most of which do not include meals in the accommodation package. In fact, almost half will cook many of the holiday meals, because eating out every day... doesn't work out.

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Greek Tourism: Which tourists spend the most

In the first quarter of 2023, Americans were the most open handed tourists in Greece as they spent the most money, with the British being the stingiest, according to the travel balance data of the Bank of Greece.

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Greek τourism: What foreigners prefer and where they spend their money

An unique survey was carried out by GBR on behalf of the Athens Attica & Argosaronic Hotel Association, highlighting the profile of tourists visiting the Γρεεκ capital. Why they come, what they prefer to spend their money on, what they focus on the most. The research conducted on 2,000 tourists revealed that foreign visitors have some common interests but are also distinguished by different approaches to the destination of Athens. GBR therefore created ten plus one profiles of tourists visiting Athens.

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