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Greek tourism blooming... far from Mykonos and Santorini

Featured Greek tourism blooming... far from Mykonos and Santorini

Greek tourism may be flourishing, which is also reflected in the increase in international arrivals, but the situation on the "iconic" islands of Greece, Mykonos and Santorini, is somewhat different.

The situation on these two islands is about to change for the worse. According to the latest figures, the number of visitors to the two top tourist destinations seems to be falling significantly due to high prices but the prevailing tendency of tourists to look for the so-called "value for money", i.e. places that are worth visiting but for which you don't have to empty the bank your account.

The tourists who used to adore the two "flagship" islands of tourism now consider them overrated as the prices for food, accommodation and entertainment are more than outrageous.

Tourism and arrivals

According to the data in April 2023, international arrivals ranged at +14.6% for the entire country. However, Mykonos recorded a drop of -29% and Santorini -6.4%. Overall in April and May the turnover fell by -15 to -20%. At the same time, outdistancing them are Rhodes with arrivals "jumping" by +31.2% and Thessaloniki by +26.8%.

Market agents report to OT that despite the high expectations that have been cultivated for the course of this year's tourist season, traffic remains "slow". The arrivals may fluctuate at the same levels as last year, but the expenditure is much lower than what they expected.

It is estimated that in popular tourist resorts are reduced by 20% to 30% compared to last year.

They say that May did not live up to expectations and hopes now turn to the months when the season will peak, namely the months of July and August.

What will the Greeks do?

According to a survey by Association of Retail Businesses of Greece-SELPE, the economic types of holidays (cottages, rooms to let) are gaining ground for this summer. The majority of the public chooses holiday homes, either hospitality (26%), or accommodation (22%). 20% choose accommodation in rented rooms and only 9% accommodation in hotels (7% without board and 2% with full board). Finally, 6% choose camping and 6% choose a trip abroad.

In general, there is an intention of the Greek public for cheaper vacation solutions in order to save money to be able to make a trip, or to be able to extend its duration.