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Corfu – The top European city break destination

The city of Corfu is the top European destination for a wellness city break. This is at least evident from the latest Radical Storage survey, which ranks cities based on 11 factors from noise and air pollution to the number of 4 star restaurants per square mile and available green space.

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Traveling to an unknown island in the ends of Greece (vid)

The archipelago of the Diapontian Islands in the northwest of Corfu, consists of 11 small islands which have become known as the "Othonoi Islands". And the three largest and most inhabitable islands of the complex may steal the show, however, there are many small uninhabited islets that are really worth looking into for a while and enjoying the peace and tranquility that they so generously offer. Marinos Charampopoulos takes us on a brief tour..

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Kassiopi and the ancient castle of the Angevin knights (vid)

On the northeastern side of Corfu there is a former traditional fishing village that goes by the name of Kassiopi and that over time has evolved into a popular and busy tourist resort of the island. Marinos Charalampopoulos takes us on a virtual tour.

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