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Political troubles to the New Year

While Europe is trying to fathom the changes that a third term for Ms Merkel will bring and how it will affect the future of the block, Greece is mired in its own political problems and the gazes of its political personnel are fixed on its proverbial navel, while political legitimacy is in tatters.

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Arrests follow Kantas deposition

A retired lawyer with an office in Kolonaki fingered as a “middleman” of a German company by incarcerated former deputy head of procurements at the ministry of Defense Antonis Kantas, seems to be the first person in a series of slated arrest in connection with defense related corruption.

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Giant Kickback Account Found

The authority against money laundering has found 13.7 million dollars in an account with a bank in Singapore linked to the weapon system kickback scandals. The former deputy director for armaments Antonis Kandas was arrested in relation to the money and faced prosecutors who want to know whose money it is.

  • Published in Greece
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