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Arrests follow Kantas deposition

A retired lawyer with an office in Kolonaki fingered as a “middleman” of a German company by incarcerated former deputy head of procurements at the ministry of Defense Antonis Kantas, seems to be the first person in a series of slated arrest in connection with defense related corruption.

According to information available to TheToc.gr judicial authorities are to proceed to a series of arrests of defense manufacturer reps and defense ministry officials, within the next few days, or even hours.

The arrests are coming in the wake of ongoing depositions by Kantas who has decided to spill all the beans to prosecutors about the illicit goings on with kickbacks and bribes in defense procurement.

The inquisitor is keeping all deals secret and has stated that defense attorneys will not be getting deposition copies in order to avoid leakage of names named by Kantas. It seems that Kantas has fingered reps of foreign firms as well as defense ministry officials that have so far avoided implication in the case.

Atypically, Kantas was held in custody despite not having finished his deposition, because the five day deposition limit was almost up, and he would have had to be released.