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Funeral of Konstantinos Katsifas on Thurdsay

The village of Vouliarates in northern Epirus is in the middle of a police ring - even from a distance so that spirits can not be further exacerbated - in northern Epirus, where the funeral of Konstantinos Katsifas will be held at 2.00 am (1.00 local time) in the Holy Temple of Agios Athanasios.

  • Published in Greece

Body of Konstantinos Katsifas handed to family

In an emotionally charged climate, the Katsifas family took charge at 1.00 in the morning, of the body of Konstantnos, from the Tirana morgue, ten days after his death, in an incident with the Albanian special forces.

  • Published in Greece

Albanian authorities intimidate Greek national minority

The Albanian authorities are trying to terrorize the Greek national minority of Northern Epirus, at the southern part of Albania, nine days after the execution in cold blood of Konstantinos Katsifas by the Albanian police special forces at the minority village of Vouliarates.

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