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Body of Konstantinos Katsifas handed to family

In an emotionally charged climate, the Katsifas family took charge at 1.00 in the morning, of the body of Konstantnos, from the Tirana morgue, ten days after his death, in an incident with the Albanian special forces.

The Tirana Prosecutor's Office, following the intervention of the Albanian presidency, has accepted the request of the family, which is udergoing its own drama The body at 6.00 in the morning arrived at the funeral parlor in Dervitsani and is expected to be transported early in the afternoon to the family home, according to the tradition of the area.

The funeral of 35-year-old Konstantinos Katsifas is scheduled to take place tomorrow at 13:00 local time. In the village, relatives and friends from Athens and other areas of Greece have begun to come to support the family.