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Albanian authorities intimidate Greek national minority

The Albanian authorities are trying to terrorize the Greek national minority of Northern Epirus, at the southern part of Albania, nine days after the execution in cold blood of Konstantinos Katsifas by the Albanian police special forces at the minority village of Vouliarates.

According to the villagers, the Albanian police has brought in for questioning many members of the minority without any official explanation.

According to reports from Albania, the authorities are alarmed by the rage among the members of the Greek minority and they try to intimidate the Greek population of the area as well as anyone who visits Vouliarates to support them and Katsifas’ family.

It’s been nine days since Katsifas’ execution and the Albanian authorities are still denying to return his body to his family for a proper burial.

According to the latest unconfirmed information that has leaked from Tirana, there is a possibility that his body will be returned on Tuesday.