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Menidi: Forty year old woman stabbed by enstranged husband in the middle of the street - Police on manhunt

Hellenic Police investigations are in full progress. about the chilling case with the dead woman in Menidi, which has shocked the whole of Greece in the last few hours.

The unfortunate woman was found dead today around 6:00 am by a passer-by at the junction of Parnithos and Aristotelous streets. The victim was seriously injured, while the police who rushed to the scene saw a knife stuck at the level of the unfortunate woman's abdomen, which makes the homicide scenario the most likely.

She had reported her estranged husband
As noted by police sources, the 40-year-old woman had previously made complaints to EL.AS. at the expense of her estranged husband, however she herself did not wish to be accommodated in a structure. Information indicates that the last complaint was made to the authorities on Easter Tuesday.

The three complaints of the unfortunate woman
According to information, the complaints made by the 40-year-old are, specifically, the following:

On 3/4/2013 the victim filed a summons against her ex-husband for violation of the domestic violence law, who was arrested and taken to the prosecutor

On 18/9/2022 the victim filed a complaint against her ex-husband for domestic violence (threat, physical harm and insult), who was arrested and taken to the prosecutor. According to the information, there was a court order based on which the perpetrator was prohibited from living with the victim, however she had allowed him to do so since 2018.

On 5/7/2024 the victim filed a complaint against her ex-husband for domestic violence (threats, bodily harm and verbal abuse), who was arrested and taken to the prosecutor's office, and received an express hearing for Friday, May 17, 2024. She was granted an order for forensic examination and given information, instructions and printed material in order to receive, if he wishes, the necessary material assistance from the competent bodies.

He had refused to go into a structure and install the 'panic button' app
In addition, she was informed of the possibility of installing the "panic button" application on her mobile phone and was given an access code to the said application. The authorities then informed her about the possibility of transferring her to a structure in order to be accommodated, however she stated that she did not wish for such a thing.

The search is on for the partner of the woman who was found dead in Menidi
In the context of the complaints made by the victim, investigations are currently underway to locate her estranged husband (about 50 years old) in order to be examined by the police authorities.

At the same time, testimonies from residents of the area, as well as material from security cameras that have recorded what unfolded, are being sought.

The timeline of the case in Menidi
Everything was done in a central point of the area, close to shops at the junction of Parnithos and Aristotelous streets. As reported, a passerby early in the morning saw the woman covered in blood on the ground and immediately called the police. Although the initial information stated that there was a knife next to the body, in the end, as it was revealed a little later, the knife was stuck at the level of the victim's abdomen.

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