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Bullets barely miss bus drivers in Menidi

A new tragedy almost took place in Menidi, as bus drivers complain that they were barely missed by two stray bullets that struck next to them.

According to police sources, at 18:35 on Thursday afternoon, an OASA driver at the bus stop at 14 Christou Dede Street in Menidi complained that he heard a noise in the foliage and then found a bullet from a gun.

In fact, according to what he said to his associates, he would deliver the bullet to the Menidi police station.

OASA deputy chairman, Fotis Nikolakopoulos, said two stray bullets nearly hit the bus drivers. As he added, his colleagues paused when they heard a noise from the trees and the bullets fell beside them.

The tragic irony is that the incident happened just one square behind the school where 11-year-old Marios lost his life from a stray bullet on the evening of June 8 during a school celebration.

On Sunday, June 25, 2017, a bullet whistled by the head of a 14-year-old girl, who was on the balcony of her home with her grandmother and aunt.