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Moria: One more chapel vandalize

The small chapel of Agia Aikaterini, which is located on the road leading to the Moria hot spot in Lesvos, became the target of unknown people who caused extensive damage.

  • Published in Greece

Afghan teen stabbed and killed by young Afghan man in Moria hotspot

A 16-year-old Afghan teenager was stabbed and killed at around dawn on Wednesday, by a 20-year-old Afghan man, a short distance from the north gate of the Moria Reception and Identification Centre (RIC) on the island of Lesvos. The 16-year-old was rushed to Mytilene Hospital where doctors pronounced him dead on arrival.

  • Published in Greece

Six-year-old child found dead after Moria fire

The body of a child about six years old was found dead in the ashes of a fire that broke out in the Moria Reception and Identification Centre (RIC) on Lesvos, the fire brigade announced on Monday.

  • Published in Greece
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