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Robbers hit Panik Records

Wearing surgical masks, the two robbers managed to enter the interior of the record company Panik Records in Vouliagmeni, through an unsecured window on the ground floor.

They then headed inside the company and after coming face to face with the Panik Records label head, according to information, the well-known composer Marios Psimopoulos, they threatened him with a screwdriver and beat him to reveal where the money was.

In fact, according to the information, they tied him to a chair in a studio.

The robbers, according to police sources, broke into three small safes and removed a medium-sized one, and then fled.

Marios Psimopoulos, according to information, left the scene accompanied by police officers, in order to testify as an eye witness.

Investigations are ongoing.

  • Published in Greece
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