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Greek Superfund: The plan for the strategically important state-owned real estate

The Superfund is on track for a comprehensive strategy for the utilization of public real estate. But which properties belong to the Greek State, which public body is their administrator, where are they located, are they utilized or remain vacant, what is their value? To date, these are the million dollar questions, as no one has a complete picture of public real estate assets. The Hellenic Holdings and Property Company (EESYP) and the Ministry of Finance have set a goal to solve the puzzle, in order to draw up a comprehensive management and utilization plan.

  • Published in Greece

Culture minister admits that monuments were placed on the superfund list

"There was little provision for the exclusion of the monuments in 2016," said Minister of Culture Myrsini Zorba, adding, "I suppose [former minister] Ms. Koniordou made a deal with the culture ministry, but I do not know it." Ms Zorba was referring to state property added to the fund allowing property to be placed as collateral against obligations to lenders.

  • Published in Greece
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