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Greek Superfund: Scoping out investments for the proceeds of privatizations

Featured Greek Superfund: Scoping out investments for the proceeds of privatizations

The possibility of reinvesting part of its revenues from privatizations will be examined by the Superfund. Having activated its investment role in 2022, the superfund is steadily evolving into a public investment fund in order to create value and prosperity by achieving long-term returns. In this context, it is looking for a consultant who will evaluate and do a feasibility study to improve its investment capabilities, with the aim of increasing the impact of the Superfund on the Greek economy.

As it was seen, from the research on the levels of knowledge vis-a-vis the Superfund in 2022, concerning the main expectation of the citizens, investments in the Greek economy stood out with a percentage of 32%, followed by safeguarding the public interest with 26%.


The main subject of the consultant's work, according to the call for interest, will be the evaluation in economic and financial terms of the case of part of the revenues from the privatizations being directed to investments in the Greek economy, which will be carried out through the Superfund. The study will "weigh" and should clearly capture the effect that the reinvestment of revenues from privatizations will have.

Today, these funds go to service the public debt. In order to direct part of these funds to investment activities, the impact on both the state coffers, eg the budget, and the Superfund should be assessed. In addition, since the mission of the Superfund is to invest in activities that will create value in the long term for the Greek economy, all stakeholders and society, various scenarios for the distribution of these funds should be analyzed, as well as the benefits that can "return » in the national economy.


In the framework of the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan, the Superfund aims to increase by 15% the value of public property and to improve by 60% the yield of dividends to the Greek State. The first batch of direct investments will reach €50 million by 2024, in order to carefully craft its investment profile as a Sovereign Wealth Fund.

The invested funds should result in the creation of additional resources to strengthen the Public Investment Program (PIP), the reduction of the public debt and new direct investments.

International alliances

At the same time, the Administration of the Superfund began to build a network of international alliances, with corresponding Public Investment Funds, in order to develop synergies and co-investments, to highlight investment opportunities in Greece, but also abroad, and to promote investments in cutting-edge sectors. The Greek public investment fund is among the 46 members of the One Planet SWF network, which have more than 37 trillion dollars assets under management and ownership, while at the same time, it participates in the newly created Network of Public Investment Funds of Malta, Egypt, France, Spain (EMENA Foundation), geographically covering an area in a region where the investment financing gap amounts to 700-900 billion dollars.