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"Greece 2021" Committee funds "Data for the common good" program

Featured "Greece 2021" Committee funds "Data for the common good" program

The "Greece 2021" Committee is financing the "Data for Common Good" program, which will be implemented in collaboration with the Superfund and the "Archimedes" Unit of the "ATHENA" Research Center.

In particular, a delegation of the "Greece 2021" Committee, consisting of Chairman Gianna Angelopoulou-Daskalaki, and the member of the Executive Board, Kostis Kontogiannis, met yesterday at the offices of the Hellenic Holdings and Property Company (the "Superfund" as it is known) with Managing Director, Grigoris Dimitriadis, and Deputy Managing Director, Stefanos Giourelis, with the object of signing of the financing agreement by the Committee of actions, which will be assigned by the Superfund to the "Archimedes" Unit.

Included actions

· Utilization of the Big Data available to the companies supervised by the "Superfund" for the development of personalized services and protection of citizens from abuse of their data

· Applications for people with disabilities, to ensure their accessibility to the urban transport system

· Analysis of road behavior to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions

· Evaluation of the procedures followed by Hellenic Post ELTA in order to improve the distribution of letters and parcels

The target

"We are financing the Hellenic Holdings and Property Company, in order to instruct" Archimedes "to take advantage of the huge data that the companies it supervises have. The aim is to develop applications and tools that will address specific issues that concern the common good, concern the world, everyday life ", stressed in her statements the Chairman of the Committee" Greece 2021 ", Gianna Angelopoulou-Daskalaki and handed over to the Director Advisor of the Superfund, Grigoris Dimitriadis, the contracts and the transfer of the amount of 200 thousand euros.

During the meeting Ms Angelopoulou transferred the amount of 200 thousand euros to Mr. Dimitriadis noting: "Today, the last action of the Commission "Greece 2021" is being implemented. It is our ultimate action. I am very happy because this last action is for the future and the common good ", added Mrs. Angelopoulou and pointed out that it is the quintessence of the Commission's philosophy, for synergies and collaborations aimed at the future. Referring to her recent meeting with the Prime Minister, she explained how the Commission acted:

· We addressed society so citizens could relate their ideas

· We did not focus only on the past, but more than half of the work and proposals had to do with the future

· We did not do spectacular things, but real works were done all over Greece and where there are Greeks, things with a huge impact on people's lives

· And, above all, without taking money from the state

New perspective

"This action is very important for us", noted from his side Mr. Dimitriadis. "It gives a new perspective to the companies we supervise and expect a lot from it."

The Director of the "Archimedes" Unit, Professor Timos Selis, stressed that "What will be done is directly related to the daily lives of citizens and the improvement of services."

"Our plan is to give opportunities to young scientists and to use artificial intelligence for the good of humanity," said Columbia University professor Christos Papadimitriou, while MIT professor Konstantinos Daskalakis added that "data is a great power and responsibility is required for their utilization for the benefit of society ".