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Greece is a favored destination for weddings

Featured Greece is a favored destination for weddings Pictures Courtesy of George Katranzos

New Greek Television Article

Greece is one of the top 10 destinations favored for weddings, with Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini as the most chosen picks. Known for breathtaking sunsets, crystal clear blue sea, natural beauty, amazing food and climate, Greece is a top pick for couples to gather their families and friends to share their special day. This has also become a great event business for new-generation Greeks, who help couples have a magical day.

 “Greece is a paradise for me” states Greek citizen, and entrepreneur, George Karantzos, who has returned to Greece after studying and living in New York, to start his event business. New Greek TV caught up with him to tell us why tourists are choosing Greece to have their wedding.

NG: In your opinion why are people choosing Greece to have their wedding?

GK: People are choosing Greece to have their wedding because the dollar and euro are closer in value now than ever before. It makes more economic sense to have a destination wedding in a country that has great food and one-of-a-kind hospitality at a price that would be comparable to the USA.katrantzos gotw

NG: Why is the event space booming in Greece?

GK: The policy of awarding a golden visa is making foreigners consider investing in Greece, and the Athens Riviera is becoming a hot spot. The government also implemented many incentives and aids to help people start a business.

NG:Tell us about your new venture in Greece?

GK: During my time in New York I opened a New York based event business. I specialize in organizing Corporate and fundraising events, and for many non-profits.  I also love weddings and believe what’s better than having your dream wedding in the most enchanting country in the world- with world class beaches, jaw-dropping seaside views and the best food! GREECE

NG: How do you see Greece in the next decade?

GK: Greece is becoming international, and these new government incentives and policies are bringing a cosmopolitan crowd and atmosphere to Athens.

NG: Having lived and worked in two countries, where do you prefer life and why?

GK: When I am in one place for too long, I get restless. Ideally, I would love to live in both countries. I don’t see myself living in just one place for too long. I have the desire to be in the middle of all the action. I want to go where the opportunities and the events take me.

NG: What advice do you want to offer to your peers?

GK: “Change is scary, and the unknown can be frightening. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Live your life for yourself! “

NG: You are part of the new generation of Greeks that left Greece in search of education and work in the US, why did you decide to return back home?

GK: I believe there is a new wave back to Greece. I believe there are new opportunities on the horizon, events are back and stronger than ever, real estate markets are climbing, and business is becoming easier to conduct.

Pictures Courtesy of George Katranzos

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