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Greek of the Week Features Ernie Anastos

Our featured "Greek of the Week" is highly acclaimed journalist Ernie Anastos.

Anastos' stellar journalism skills earned the Greek-American an abundance of awards, including the prestigious Lifetime Emmy Award. He is the first New York TV anchor to ever receive this honor. The seasoned news anchor has covered the most pivotal news stories, over the last three decades.

The Fox 5 anchor attributes his bright disposition to being raised in a Greek-American home, that was very proud of who they are. As Anastos states, "I love everything about the Greek culture...It's an honor for me to represent the Greek community".  The "Positively Ernie" host has a strong belief in God and spirituality, that he learned from his papou, who was one of the first one-hundred Greek Orthodox priests to be ordained in the United States.

Anastos ascribes his positive demeanor to his family, who showed him, "life was to be lived but with a respect for ourselves and other people". His mother's family originates from Trikala, while she was born in Massachusetts, and his father hails from Larissa. The bright news anchor grew up in a Greek community in New Hampshire, complete with a kafenio, Hellenic supermarket and Greek Orthodox church nearby.

Since his early childhood, Anastos was always fascinated by radio and television broadcasting. He began listening to both media outlets at a young age, and would imitate newscasters. The media great set up a mock radio station in his basement as a kid, and landed his first job at a local radio station, hosting a talk show for teenagers. As he describes, "I haven't been off the air since I was 16-years-old".

Among other legends, the accomplished Greek-American has interviewed Fidel Castro, Desmond Tutu and President Carter. He loves to cover New York City's annual Greek Independence Day Parade. When queried over his most monumental story, he describes that the deepest and most difficult to report on was September 11th, due to its incomparable severity and depth. As Anastos states, "the stories in the weeks after have stayed with me forever".

Anastos "promotes not success but significance in life". His positive nature stems from his strong believe in both God and spirituality. A self described "homebody", the intellectual author loves to keep the Greek traditions alive. He loves to cook, play Hellenic music and dance, along with belting out tunes out of his own karaoke machine with his family. One of his favorite foods is yemista, which he admits he ate nearly everyday along with a horiatiki, during his travels to Greece last year.

Every Saturday night he blesses each room in his house. Stellar journalist Ernie Anastos' mantra is: "To have a youthful heart and attitude and always look for a new challenge, believe in God, and become everything that you can possibly be".

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