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The filming of the international television production "My Greek Odyssey" on Ios (vid)

Ios was at the center of international television production a few days ago with the support of the municipality of Ios, as emphasized in a relevant announcement.

The TV crew of the program "My Greek Odyssey" visited the Cycladic island of Homer, in order to make long shootings for the new cycle of the series.

The popular travel show "My Greek Odyssey" from Australia with the presenter Peter Maneas is shown internationally on television networks, but also in 45 English-speaking countries such as USA, England, Australia, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Spain, Greece and elsewhere.

At the same time, other productions abroad, according to the municipality, have expressed their interest in shooting on the island in order to convey to the TV audience the summer aura, the quality and safety of the destination, comments the Chairman of the Tourism Committee of the island, Antonis Mettos.

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Italian Vogue: Ios among best special resorts

Italian Vogue places the Greek island of Ios among the 4 best unique destinations, comparable to those of Italy and France, in an article that praises the isle’s beauty. Ios is lauded by the article of website www.vogue.it which has 24 million unique users in Europe and the USA.

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