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Italian Vogue: Ios among best special resorts

Italian Vogue places the Greek island of Ios among the 4 best unique destinations, comparable to those of Italy and France, in an article that praises the isle’s beauty. Ios is lauded by the article of website www.vogue.it which has 24 million unique users in Europe and the USA.

“After years of pure fun for the young generation, winds have changed and the island is revealing its relaxing and elegant side”, the article points out, continuing by presenting a wide range of beaches from the most secluded and peaceful ones to the more cosmopolitan ones, including the amazing sunset which intruduces the fun night ahead.

“The shift in the image of the island as perceived by international media such as Vogue is the greatest reward for the efforts by the Municipality and the professionals to promote the quality of the destination”, commented Angela Fakou, President of the Tourist Committee of the Municipality of Ios. The promotion of the isle has been undertaken by the Municipality of Ios in collaboration with the Tourism Consulting company “Re:Make”.