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March 23, 1821: The liberation of Kalamata

When the revolutionaries entered Kalamata on the morning of March 23, 1821, Elias Mavromichalis asked the Turkish comander Arnaoutoglou to surrender, emphasizing the futility of his attempt.

  • Published in Greece

Corpse exhumed and "posed" in cemetery by Roma youths

Thanks to a ... butcher, the unprecedented incident in which a corpse was dug up from the cemetery and placed in a sittting position facing the entrance on December 16 at the cemetery of the village of Plati in the municipality of Kalamata was solved. The unspeakable act was perpetrated by three Roma minors and their 21-year-old "leader", who went to the village because he had a longing for a Roma girl, but decided to commit a few thefts, vandalism, and desecration!

  • Published in Greece
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