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March 23, 1821: The liberation of Kalamata

Featured March 23, 1821: The liberation of Kalamata

When the revolutionaries entered Kalamata on the morning of March 23, 1821, Elias Mavromichalis asked the Turkish comander Arnaoutoglou to surrender, emphasizing the futility of his attempt.

At noon, in front of the church of Agios Apostolos and in a festive atmosphere, the priests blessed the flags and swore in the fighters. 

This was followed by a meeting of the chiefs, who decided to set up a revolutionary committee, which they named the Messinian Senate, to better coordinate the struggle.

Its leadership was assigned to Petrobeis Mavromichalis, who bore the title of General of the Spartan and Messinian Army. 

On the same day, the Messinian Senate, in a proclamation to the European public, announced that the Greeks had risen up for their freedom.