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Greece Halts Various Pharmaceutical Exports

The Greek Health Ministry stated today that the nation has halted the export of 25 types of pharmaceuticals, after pharmacists have reported challenges in acquiring various medicines.

A Ministry spokesperson confirmed that Greek drug regulators announced a substantial rise in re-exports of certain drugs. The spokesperson commented to Reuters, "Abuses have been discovered by some players in the pharmaceuticals market," but did not reveal what exact drugs would be not be exported.

The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) called for "joint action by public authorities and private stakeholders to ensure medicines destined for Greek patients actually reach the patients they are intended for."

The EFPIA further added in a statement, "A proportionate, legislative ban on exporting medicines intended for Greek patients from Greece would be an appropriate and justifiable response to possible shortages and help to avert a potential humanitarian crisis."

The Greek medical sector owes over 1.1 billion euros to the pharmaceutical industry in outstanding debts since last December, yet the industry has pledged on a humanitarian level to keep supplying the nation with needed medicines.

(Source: Reuters)