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Peloponnese Sheep Contract Catarrhal Disease

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An alarming number of sheep in the Peloponnese have contracted catarrhal disease.

The region is viewing the outbreak as an emergency; the Regional Council and breeders met yesterday to tackle the infections. It has been reported that the disease travels via insects and can't affect humans.

Peloponnese veterinarians have determined that catarrhal disease is spreading at an alarming rate; 88 flocks of sheep are currently infected. In Laconia alone, 45 flocks were sick on Thursday, while the number increased to 60 by yesterday. Medical experts predict that the amount will only get worse.

The Regional Council ratified a Peloponnisos S.A. company contract for 498,000 euros to combat the catarrhal fever epidemic. After its implementation yesterday, the agreement allows for advanced preventative medical care that began this morning.