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Cava de Tireni honors Yannis Korinthios

One more link in the "chain" that connects it with Greece was added by the Italian city of Cava de Tireni, by bestowing the title of honorary citizen, on the president of the Federation of Greek Communities and Fraternities of Italy Yannis Korinthios, in recognition of his contribution to the Diaspora, in culture and education and philhellenism.


The city's mayor Marco Galdi is president of the Philhellenic Association of Italy and became known in Greece by the initiative he took in 2011 to provide for a year his mayoral compensation to Greece.

Mr. Korinthios, in statements to the press, noted he was happy and excited about this award that would create "new duty" to continue working for the promotion of Greece and Greek culture.

As he stated, through him the Diaspora was honored, as well as the Greek people and the timeless Greek culture, since he recently published a dictionary of ancient Greek in Italian, while the first such dictionary was released in Cava de Tireni, in 1840.

The city hosted the exiled government of George Papandreou for two months in 1944. The delegation included nobel prize winning poet George Seferis, then a diplomat, who wrote the poem "last stop"in Cava de Tireni .

Yannis Korinthios was born in Kellia Tinos and went to Italy in 1969 to study. H is a lecturer in Modern Greek Studies at the University of Calabria, lexicographer, historian of the diaspora and the revolution of 1821, author of school and university textbooks and publishing consultant. He is active in organizations of the Greek Diaspora in Italy while working for 30 years with the Institute of Philosophical Studies of Naples, Italy. In 2010 he was awarded the title of honorary citizen of Montresta Sardinia.