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Nikos Aliagas is man of the year for French GQ

The French edition of GQ magazine annually awards people who, with their talent or their agenda, manage to make France better. Among them, for 2017, is Nikos Aliagas.

The Greek expat from Mesolonghi is loved by the French because of his communicative talent and temperament. In addition to being a television presenter, his talent in photography and his aesthetics have made him stand out on the covers of the French press.

The political personality of the year is a woman, the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, who stood out because she succeeded in bringing the 2024 Olympic Gamest to Paris.

Singer Benazen Violet, actor Matthew Kassovits and Radio France president Mattie Galen will appear on the list of celebrities of the year. Munij Mazuzi, Deputy Minister of Digital Policy in the Macron Government, is considered to be the "digital personality of 2017".