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Health Tourism in Greece Conference to be held in Melbourne, Australia

An important conference on Health Tourism in Greece will host in Melbourne Australia, the Athens Medical Association, the Central Union of Greek Municipalities and the International Health Tourism Center, in collaboration with the Hellenic Community of Melbourne and the Hellenic Medical Association of Melbourne, on 25 and 26 November 2017.

The conference will be attended by Greek scientists and businessmen, members of the Greek government as well as Greek expatriates active in Australia in the area of ​​business, academic community, health and tourism in Australia.

Health tourism can be a major lever for the Greek economy for the coming decade. The conference is being held in the framework of a series of important actions and international contacts, aiming to promote our country as an internationally recognized destination of Health Tourism and to stimulate the investment interest in this area.
Within these actions, the first stop was New York in October 2016. Then followed Montreal and Chicago in March and April 2017, as well as the organization of the 1st International Conference on Health Tourism in Ithaca in May of 2017.
The next stop is Australia, the home of thousands of Greeks, and Melbourne, the city with the largest community in the world. It is characteristic that of the 600,000 Greeks living in Australia, the 300,000 live in Melbourne.

Commenting on the issue, Mr. Patoulis, President of International Health Tourism Center, said:
“Health tourism can become the golden opportunity for our country, as it can contribute both to the growth and recovery of the economy and to enriching the level of services offered, the quality improvement of the domestic tourist product and the extension of the tourist season, which is one of the biggest challenges for Greek tourism. Greece has the potential to play an important role in the fast growing segment of the medical tourism market, as it has a number of advantages that allow it, such as the comparatively low cost of services combined with the high level of scientific competence and experience of the medical staff and modern health infrastructure. For this reason, we have launched a series of important actions and international contacts aiming at informing about the prospects of Health Tourism in Greece, the potential for developing and promoting high quality medical and tourism services as well as the implementation of relevant investment infrastructures within the international environment “.