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Central Union of Municipalities creates department for Hellenes Abroad

The President of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE), Giorgos Patoulis, gave a press conference on Wednesday on the initiative of KEDE for the creation of a special department for Hellenes Abroad, aiming to provide solutions to the problems that keep the Diaspora away from mother Greece .

The interview was attended by presidents of Diaspora associations, arriving in Athens, at the invitation of Mr. Patoulis, for the conference that was held at the KEDE building, on the creation of the new section of Hellenes Abroad.

Representatives of the Diaspora Associations and the President of the KEDE will refer to the prospects for a substantial contribution of the Greeks to the developmental prospects of ​​the country, with the assistance of KEDE and their direct connection with the Municipalities of Greece.

In addition, they referred to the necessity to allow Greeks abroad to vote, on the occasion of the current debate in the House on the amendment by the Interior Minister for the establishment of a committee to examine the issue .

The press conference was attended by the President of the Greater Community of Greater Montreal, Mr Nicholas Pagonis, one of the oldest organizations of the Hellenic community worldwide, and the President of the Hellenic Community of Melbourne, Mr. Vasileios Papastergiadis, who welcomed the new KEDE initiative in their own countries, which strengthens Hellenism between the Second, Third and Fifth Generations, that also stem from the political influence, as they have emphasized, that Greek communities have in the countries where the great concentrations of the Diaspora are located.