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100 scholarships for Greek American College students by NHS

Featured 100 scholarships for Greek American College students by NHS

In 2020 the National Hellenic Society will provide 100 scholarships for college students of Greek descent on shared experience with students from the American College of Greece. Heritage Greece is a cultural and educational immersion that reconnects students to their heritage. In their own words, the students describe the program as “life-changing” in instilling the importance, impact, and breadth of Hellenic heritage.

Eligible student participants must be of Greek descent, aged between 18-26, enrolled in an undergraduate/graduate studies program with a minimum GPA of 3.0 This year’s Heritage Greece Program will take place in two sessions: June 4-21, and July 9-26. The first session will also provide 15 students the opportunity to participate in an internship program aligned with their career path/course of study. Interested student participants should apply online at: https://www.acg.edu/admissions/study-abroad/heritage-greece/ or on the NHS’ website: www.hellenicsociety.org.

NHS believes ‘Heritage’ is a complex word which describes culture, traditions, mores, norms and familiar places. Heritage is something we choose to identify with or discard as being relevant in our lives based on perceptions about ourselves and society. “Is Heritage something that can inspire, draw us together, teach and fulfills us, or is it something to forget and focus on other things that are important to us? Heritage can play an important building block in the future we choose to build,” NHS asks.