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Special Conference on the Voting Rights of Greeks Abroad

Featured Special Conference on the Voting Rights of Greeks Abroad

The Hellenic Congress of America in collaboration with the Federation of Central Greece USA and Canada and the Arcade Associations "Geros tou Morias", Evrytanon "To Karpenisi", Kastoria "Omonia" organizes its first Special Conference on the Voting Rights of Greeks Abroad from their place of residence, on Saturday, May 14, 2022, in the community hall "Nikos Andriotis" of Agia Aikaterini / Agios Georgios in Astoria from 11:30 to 4 in the afternoon.

Those interested can watch the conference at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G-rKVw_i1o

The conference program includes


Welcome - Presentation: Dr. Despina Afentouli, journalist

Greetings: 1. Nikos I. Apostolopoulos, President of the Hellenic Congress of America

2. Dr. Dimitrios Markouizos, pediatrician, Chairman of the Organizing Committee

3. Presidents or representatives of the other bodies participating in the Conference

Keynote speaker: Prokopis Pavlopoulos, former President of the Hellenic Republic (via Zoom)

Presentation: Hellenic Congress of America - Theodoros Vasilakis, lawyer, former Administrative Judge of the State of New York



Nikolaos Alivizatos, lawyer - writer

George Katrougalos, constitutionalist - former Minister (via Zoom)

Stelios Taketzis, shipping agent, president of GAEPIS

Maria Markou, lawyer

Coordinator: Dimitris A. Filios, journalist, General Secretary of HECA

Short break for work lunch



Leonidas Raptakis, Rhode Island State Senator, President of the World Interparliamentary Union of Hellenism

Costas Lambropoulos, Business Consultant, First Vice President HellenicCongress of America

Elias I. Katsos, President of EMBCA

Fotis Gerasopoulos, former President of the Pan-Macedonian Union USA

Dimitrios Christopoulos, Dean of Panteion University, (via Zoom) - Brief introduction on the history of elections and Abroad voting in Greece.

Moderators:, Dimitris A. Filios, journalist, General Secretary of HECA


The Conference will also feature short-term online interventions by diaspora personalities from around the world, including:

Dr. Spyros Mezitis, endocrinologist, President of the Federation of Greek Medical Associations of America and Canada

 Dr. Olga Sarantopoulou, cardiologist, former General Secretary of SAE,

Dimitrios Dielis, former President of the World Interparliamentary Union of Hellenism, former Member of Parliament for Sweden

George Angelopoulos, businessman, former president of SAE Australia

I. Theodosopoulos, former President of the Greek-Canadian Congress

Seta Theodoridou, President of the Hellenic Community of Paris (France)

Elena Panariti, Advisor to the World Bank, former Member of Parliament.


 Conference Organizing Committee

President: Dr. Dimitrios Markouizos

Vice Presidents: Costas Lambropoulos, Nikos Tavantzis

Secretary: Dimitris Filios

Treasurer: Christos Vournas

Album Committee Leader: Theodora Abazi

Speaker of the Conference: Theodoros Vasilakis, Legal Advisor of HellenicCongress, Lawyer, former Administrative Judge.

The conference will close with a brief presentation of the initiative of the Greek American Congress for the writing of the History of Hellenism in the United States by the head of the Commission, Professor Demosthenes Triantafyllou, who will introduce the head of the Writing Team, Dr. Konstantinos Hatzidimitriou.

The culmination of the conference will be the formal dinner that will take place in the evening of the same day at Terrace on the Park (Cocktails: 7pm, Dinner - award ceremony: 8pm). The late businessman and ardent patriot, Michalis Chalkias, will be honored with the Greek Excellence Award of the Hellenic Congress of America. The award will be received by his wife Aliki Chalkias, acknowledging her own important contribution.

Grigoris Maninakis will keep the musical accompaniment with the "Mikrokosmos" orchestra. Admission $ 110 (adults) and $ 75 (children 6-12 years old)


For more information and reservations, interested parties can contact Ms. Theodora Abazi at (678) - 608-7967 or Dimitris Filios at (917) 202-6376.