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Elections for the Federation of Hellenic Unions of Greater New York on 30 June

Featured Elections for the Federation of Hellenic Unions of Greater New York on 30 June

The elections of the Federation of Greek Associations of Greater New York are scheduled for Sunday, June 30, 2024, according to a publication of the expatriate website anamniseis.

According to the schedule, the proceedings will last from 10:00 to 20:00 (local time) and will be hosted at the Pontian Club in Astoria.

In the past few days, the two-day election conference of the Federation of Hellenic Unions of Greater New York was held at the Pontiac Club in Astoria, in which 39 delegates (including one observer) participated, who represented 35 unions and who elected the presidium, which consisted of by the president Anastasios Karagounis, the vice-president Giorgos Meindasis and secretary Paul Kotronis.

In the picture , from left are Anastasios Karagounis, Giorgos Meindasis, Giorgos Georgopoulos and Polykarpos Kotronis (photo: Anamniseis.net/Dimitris Tsakas)
Immediately after, the electoral committee was elected, which is made up of Nomiki Kastanas, president, Laki Papadopoulos, secretary, Giorgos Chrysomallis, vice president, and Augerini Katechi and Apostolos Tomopoulos, as members.

During the specific electoral conference, it was decided that the submission and validation of the nominations should take place by the evening of Tuesday, June 25, while the deadline for the submission of supporting documents and the fulfillment of financial obligations to the associations wishing to participate in the elections should take place by the evening of Thursday, June 27, 2024.

The ballot with the data so far is made up of Anastasios Karagounis (president of the Association of Costarazines "Agios Dimitrios"), Dionysios Pylarinos (Association of Zakynthos), Konstantinos Tsoukaris (Association of Dafnousia of Chios), Polykarpos Kotronis (Association of Eleftherians of Nafpaktia), Giorgos Meindasis (Association presidenτ Hydrans "Andreas Miaoulis"), Anna Noti (president of the Chimariots Association), Evdokia Karapanou (Kalymnia Association of New York), Apostolo Trabakoulas (Community of Agios Dimitrios in Merrick, Long Island), Theodoros Astrinidis (president of the Panthracite Union "Orpheus"), Michalis Panaousi (former president of the Cretan Association of New York "Minos"), Giorgos Seretis (former president of the Eleftherian Association of Nafpaktia), Vangelis Katrakazos (president of the Samian Association "Pythagoras"), Panagiotis Lekka (vice president of the Association of North Epirus "Pyrros"), Costas Manesis (Association of Ericousians of America "Panerikousa"), Costas Tsilfidis (president of the Pontian Association "Pontos" of Norway), Vasilios Petratos (Kavos Melanios), Giorgos Xerakias (former president of the Arcades Association "Athena", Babis Tzelalis (Panthessalian Association "Asklipios" ), Nikita Theologiti (president of the Association of Amorgos and the islands of Donoussa, Schinoussa, Heraklion and Koufonisia), Stefanos Amanatidis (president of the Pontian Association "Komnini", New York), Viktora Goros (former president of the Association of Chimarriots) and Vasilios Gournelos (president of the Association of Diplataniots " Agia Marina").