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Nevada's Titus still rooting for Biden

Featured Nevada's Titus still rooting for Biden

Greek American representative of the 1st District of Nevada, Dina Titus, directly expressed her support for president, Joe Biden, in order to remain in the race and claim his re-election against Donald Trump.

In particular, according to a publication by the publication "Las Vegas Sun", Titus, who is coming down again in order to renew her term, distanced herself from the opinions of her colleagues, who have expressed the opinion that Mr. Biden should immediately launch his succession, focusing on the achievements of his presidency, especially in the area of ​​protection of the right to abortion.

"Here in Nevada, we're focused on protecting women's reproductive rights, as well as the help the Biden administration has given us to deal with the pandemic and low unemployment," Ms. Titus said.

Referring to Joe Biden's appearance during the debate with Donald Trump, which essentially sparked discussions about his replacement, Dina Titus acknowledged that "he wasn't at his best" and that he could have come out stronger . Nevertheless, she insisted that the Biden presidency is especially important for voters.

Titus' position is in line with the general attitude of Democrats elected to the House and Senate from Nevada, who have initially adopted a more moderate and cautious stance, compared to the reactions of other colleagues, which followed her disastrous presidential debate June 27th. In fact, Vice President Kamala Harris, who was in Las Vegas immediately after the debate, is expected to visit the city again in the next few days, trying to focus voters' attention on the battle against Donald Trump and not on an intra-party debate,  which may lead the Democratic Party to an unwanted introversion at a most critical juncture.

"There is a clear choice for voters this November between an administration focused on lowering prices, growing the middle class and restoring productive freedom, and Trump's MAGA agenda, which could ban abortion and to hit Nevada's hard-working families," Senator Jacky Rosen said.

However, the situation for the Democrats in Nevada appears more difficult than in recent election contests, since Donald Trump has a steady lead in the polls, worrying the elected members of Congress ahead of November.