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Canadians are eating Greek Pasta

Translation By Lisa Darilis

The importation of Greek pasta products, commercial doughs, and other Greek baked goods or pastries have increased up to 50% in the Canadian market in the last three years. Its turnover reached 3 million dollars in 2012 from the amount of almost 2 million dollars recorded in 2010.

Published studies show that Canadians have a preference for Greek pasta and other baked goods, despite whether or not they are manufactured by big industries or by small local producers.  

The chief reason for this points to its quality and the thrust in demand for these products by Greek Canadians.

The data for this study was analyzed in the documents of the Greek Ministryʼs Office of Economics and Trade in Ottawa, Canada and it undoubtedly concludes with an encouraging note for Greek industry, which has been plagued by the recent economic crisis.