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Over 7,000 Greek Doctors Seek Jobs Abroad

More than 7,340 doctors have left Greece in the last six years, on the basis of data of the Athens Medical Board. Of these 5,406 migrated since 2011 in search of jobs.

Until 2009, doctors leaving the country did so after finishing their rural service in order to seek residencies in foreign hospitals, since waiting lists for Greek residencies were usually very long.

So far according to the data doctors that left per year are:

2009, 500 doctors left, 300 specialized, 200 residents

2010, 218 specialists, 517 residents

2011, 797 specialists, 483 residents

2012, 1,166 specialists, 642 residents

2013, 1,086 specialists, 402 residents

2014, by June 594 specialists, 236 residents

Since January 2013, a year when registration of doctors leaving and their destinations, it has been ascertained that 1,327 Greek doctors migrated to the UK, 290 to Germany, and 137 to Sweden.

Other Greek doctors have migrated to Switzerland, USA, France, Norway, Finland, Romania, Denmark, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.