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Greek Elections 2023: Mitsotakis' 11-stop road trip to Crete

With a two-day road trip to four prefectures, which were (also) a personal election bet for Kyriakos Mitsotakis, he chooses to open the new cycle of his pre-election tours. With a final horizon of June 25, Mitsotakis places his homeland, Crete, at the starting point of the race.

  • Published in Greece

Businessman on Crete loses money to fraudsters posing as local gvt

A well-known Cretan businessman fell victim to wily scammers and saw his company's account stripped bare - within seconds!

The impressive thing is that although he himself almost immediately realized that a scam was being set up, he did not manage to save the money, also because of the inaction shown by the bank despite contacting them immediately!

It was all done in a matter of minutes.

The alleged phone call from the district

The Cretan businessman based in Heraklion, according to information from cretalive.gr, received a phone call from an "employee of the region of Crete" who mentioned his name and particulars in order, he said, to deisburse an invoice owed by the region to him, an amount of around 700 euros for an event that had taken place at his place.

This particular scammer was not just convincing, but absolutely clear, as he mentioned the invoice details, the dates and even the name of the supervisor who signed the payment document!

  • Published in Greece
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