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Mitsotakis on road trip to northern Greece

This week alone, five regions of Northern Greece are targeted by the leader of New Democracy - Dendias, Voridis, Dora Bakoyannis and other leaders of the faction undertake special missions in Macedonia and Thrace against the forces of Hellenic Solution and Niki

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The percentage Kyriakos Mitsotakis wants to rule effectively

The maximum possible mobilization of New Democracy for “reaffirmation of the result” of May 21 in the showdown with the system of enhanced proportionality is the dominant goal of the new election campaign of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who openly marks 40%+ as a… minimum threshold for the party. From the double slogan of the previous period “clear first – significant lead from the second”, Mitsotakis keeps only the first part, reformulated with the phrase “strong parliamentary majority” and this time without emphasizing the importance of the scope of the difference between in the first and second parties. “The score of the first match does not count, we start from the beginning”, he repeated himself on Friday morning in his television interview (ANT1). Behind Mitsotakis’ need to bring to the fore the need for “comfortable self-reliance” and overall behind the new quantitative goals of New Democracy mathematics of the second ballot are hidden which are different from the simple proportional system.

  • Published in Greece
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