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The Gyro in Pita Stock Exchange

Fast food is fast becoming a treat for a select few as prices soar internationally. In Greece, with inflation at 2.9%, the price of Greece's national fast food, souvlaki or gyro in a pita wrap, shows no signs of returning to pre-inflationary crisis levels. Instead, prices continue to rise to record highs, while market insiders believe the average may even have passed the psychological barrier of four euros by the end of the year.

  • Published in Greece

Bread hits over 2 euros per loaf in some areas

More and more households and businesses are being crushed by the vice-grip of high prices, as price increases on electricity, fuel and raw materials are dragging up prices on all basic food products.

  • Published in Greece

Gyros become a luxury good due to inflation

Food service firms are preparing to raise prices from 5% to 15% on their products, stating that the surge in operating costs due to energy and raw material costs no longer leaves them room to absorb the extra costs.

  • Published in Greece
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