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Bread hits over 2 euros per loaf in some areas

Featured Bread hits over 2 euros per loaf in some areas

More and more households and businesses are being crushed by the vice-grip of high prices, as price increases on electricity, fuel and raw materials are dragging up prices on all basic food products.

Raw material shortages due to the war in Ukraine, rising fuel prices and prolonged bad weather are creating a suffocating siege.

According to market estimates, the table for Easter this year will be more expensive due to price increases in products.

Prices for meat, vegetables, traditional pastries, and even bread are expected to rise significantly.

Baked goods, buns, pies, and cakes will increase by at least 15% while at the same time the price of bread is "on fire", which has come to a price of even 2.60 euros per kilo in Ilia.

How much bread is sold throughout Greece

According to a report by MEGA channel, bakeries that have so far managed to keep the price of bread below 1 euro, will make price increases of up to 20%.

But how much does 1 kg of bread cost in Greece?

Olympia: 2.60 € (last Saturday it stood at 1.80 euros)
Milos: 2.50 euros
Serres: 2.40 euros (from 1.80 in February)
Ilia - Pyrgos: 2.40 euros
Nafpaktos: 2.40 euros (from 2 euros)
Amfilochia: 2.40 euros
Patras: 2 euros

Basic products at exorbitant levels

At the same time, there are rising costs for sunflower oil, olive oil, margarines, butter, sugar and cocoa and, above all, for gas and electricity.

Thus, say the people of the market, the increase of at least 15% in bakery products, buns, cookies, cakes and other sweets, which are based on soft flour, should be taken for granted.

Already from March 12-19 there were price increases in supermarkets:

Spaghetti: From 0.94 to 1.04 euros
Greek coffee: (96g): From 1.60 to 1.68 euros
Sunflower oil (1 liter): From 3.58 to 3.76 euros
Sliced ​​toast cheese: From 2.72 to 2.78 euros
Eggs (six): From 2.09 to 2.29 euros
Chicken (kilo): From 3.23 to 3.43 euros
Dishwashing liquid (500 ml): From 1.30 to 1.46 euros

The price of a gyros is over 3 euros

Indicative is the price of a gyros which a while ago, apart from fast food, was also relatively cheap. It now tends to exceed three euros.