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The 11-year-old ancient Athenian Myrtis in the global fight against coronavirus with an animated video message

In 430 BC, the 11-year-old ancient Athenian Myrtis − a victim to the great plague of Athens like Pericles - could not imagine that after 2,500 years, she would take part in the global effort against the COVID-19 pandemic. Because Myrtis with her wisdom and her 2,500 years’ experience can feel  the danger that the whole world is experiencing due to a threatening but not invincible  pandemic.
Myrtis, whose face was recreated by the team of Prof. Manolis Papagrigorakis, is starring in an animation video calling us all to listen to the experts, fully respect the hygiene rules and take special care of our beloved ones so that we can have them by our side tomorrow.

  • Published in Greece
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